Making a Record

Hi everyone. I’m going to start a record of how long I can stay without sinning. I’m starting now and hopefully I will endure till Jesus Comes. I don’t want to willfully sin and hurt Jesus anymore. I want to keep myself pure. Sin is so very dangerous. I want to stay away from it forever. So today is day 1 of me keeping this record. I think it’s a good idea for anyone to try. I wish I had started this a long time ago.

Hi everyone. Happy Sabbath. I would like to speak with you all about sin. When we sin, it is because we forget who God is. If we know who God is and what He did for us, then we would say: No I don’t want to hurt Jesus because I love Him. Yes the Bible says we love God because He first loved us. In the midst of temptation, if we remember how much God loves us, then we won’t sin because we don’t want to hurt someone who loves us so dearly. When we willfully sin, we are rebelling against God, the one who sacrificed his only son for us. I pray that God forgives me for all the sins I willfully committed. I remember the dangers of sin and I don’t want to walk that path again. Please God forgive me in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

I got this text from my phone company:
World leaders signed up to end poverty, inequality & climate change! Make it happen. Become a global citizen & #TellEveryone at

that means that a new world order is going to begin soon huh? I just want to be ready for when Christ comes.

Yearning For Rest

I need to learn to rest in Jesus’ peaceful arms. I know He will come soon but I don’t want to be anxious while I wait. I really need to rest. I also need to stop being paranoid by thinking everything is evil. I mean, rainbows and butterflies are God’s creation. People use them to represent evil things, but I should stop caring about what people use them for. easier said than done though. ~sighs~

A New Beginning

I’m starting a new beginning with God. As Christians we need to start new beginnings often because we fall short many times. My reason for starting over is not really falling short. Actually it is. I’ve failed to trust God as much as I should and I worried myself a lot; even if Jesus said “let not your hearts be troubled.” I am so disappointed in myself and that is why I’m starting new. I need to understand that God is greater than the enemy. I need to stop being so afraid of losing, and focus on God’s Strength and love for me. ♥

So yes this new beginning is about living an anxiety free life and totally trusting in God. I’m still a bit sensitive because I just recovered from my anxiety. I don’t even know how to pray as well as I used to but I’m hoping things will get better with time.

To Symbolize a new beginning, I cut my nails and start regrowing them again. yeah I know it’s weird but my nails is the only thing I feel like I have full control over. If I cut my hair, my dad would have a fit. let’s not even go there because I want to think positive. Thinking of what will happen if I cut my hair is way too much negative thinking for me.

Day 1

Hi everyone. This is my very first post on wordpress. I’m starting this blog to share how things have been in my walk with God. Follow my blog if you love to hear from God fearing people. Actually any reason is good. I hope to be inspiring to all my potential followers.